edu-sharing 7.0 is ready
5. July 2022
edu-sharing 8.0 is ready
5. September 2023
edu-sharing 7.0 is ready
5. July 2022
edu-sharing 8.0 is ready
5. September 2023

edu-sharing | 8.0 | Final Release | Release | Download

edu-sharing 8.0 released

The latest version of edu-sharing, 8.0 is now released. What's inside? Find out more about the update here.

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What's new?

Adapted, low-barrier layouts

We are constantly working on providing barrier-free access to our tools for all users. Version 8.0 offers numerous improvements in this area:

- optimised contrasts,
- better descriptions
- a revised keyboard navigation
- all layouts have been optimised for use with screen readers

We have thus achieved BITV compliance for all public views of Search & Collections.
All interfaces have been optimised for use on devices with small screens.


Suggestion function for collections

Users without editing rights can suggest content for collections for which they have reading rights.
The suggestions appear to the editors of the collection for review and acceptance or rejection.
The right to suggest content can be withdrawn individually for groups and users via the tool rights.


Rich edit for metadata


Selected metadata fields can now be defined as WYSIWYG editor fields (TinyMCE). Options for formatting tools are configurable per field.


Ratings / Likes

As of version 8.0, materials can be recommended or rated.
The rating mode is selectable (system-wide):
- Recommendations: Thumbs up only
- Rating: 1-5 star scale (a recommendation corresponds to 5 stars)



Materials can now be related to each other. The following relations are supported:

is part of / has part of
is based on / is based on

The relations are automatically linked bidirectionally and persisted in MongoDB (NoSQL).


Embedding links


Objects can now be embedded externally. The display of the objects is configurable.


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