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Download edu-sharing 6.0 (Final Release)

Download edu-sharing 5.1 (Final Release)

Download edu-sharing 5.0

Moodle plug-in 5.0 download

Wordpress plug-in 5.0 download

Download edu-sharing 4.2

Repository & Rendering Service 4.2 Download

New features:

  • Search and Search Results Improvements
    1. Serial objects bundles for example Task and solution or PDF and source documents
    2. Object links support traceability of document variants
    3. handles as unique IDs and permalinks for learning content
    4. Usage statistics per material
    5. Anonymous Logging of Searches (Editorial QA Tool)
  • Content-use
    1. password-protected link shares
    2. Share folders via link and embed in LMS
    3. Repository-wide release to global groups (funded search)
    4. Group mail distribution on shares for groups
    5. Mail on collection releases
    6. Render 3d objects (Unity Format WebGL)
    7. H5P rendering improved
    8. Rendering of series objects
    9. Usability: Improved License and Metadata Notes
    10. Content Content Admin Whitelist Filters DSGVO Notes
    11. LRMI metadata in the content page
  • UX improvements to the edu-sharing APP
  • for administration
    1. User Quota
    2. Shibboleth login improved (DFN network)
    3. System Health Monitor
    4. Task Management
    5. tracking statistics
    6. OAI server integrated (no longer to install separately)
... and much more
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Moodle plug-in 4.2

  • Atto Editor support
  • Folders can be linked in Moodle
  • Serial objects can be used in Moodle
  • User roles are transferred to edu-sharing

Mahara plug-in 4.2 comming soon

  • edu-sharing search inside Mahara
  • edu-sharing object embedding

Wordpress plug-in 4.2 comming soon

  • edu-sharing search inside Wordpress
  • edu-sharing object embedding

Typo3 plug-in 4.2 comming soon

  • edu-sharing search inside Typo3
  • edu-sharing object embedding

ILIAS LMS plug-in 4.2 comming soon

  • edu-sharing search inside Typo3
  • edu-sharing object embedding

Download edu-sharing 4.1.1

Repository 4.1

New features:

  • Editorial collections
  • View H5P Content
  • Introducing contexts (e.g. use school and high school in one instance)
  • Many improvements in collections
  • Define licenses more easy
... and much more

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Moodle plug-in 4.1

  • Compatible with older versions of edu-sharing
  • The filter was implemented as JS module (AMD)
  • Performance and security has been increased

Older versions

Download edu-sharing 4.0.13

Repository 4.0

New features:

  • New interfaces for the whole system
  • Improvements in the responsive UI
  • Workflows for editors
  • Connections to Pixabay & LearningApps
... and much more

Moodle plug-in

  • works with the new edu-sharing interfaces
  • Improved display of inline metadata
  • Improved stability & bug fixes

Downloads edu-sharing 3.2

"Collection Release"

Repository and rendering service

New Features:
  • New section: Collections
  • create your own collections and fill them with suitable material from workspace or search environment
  • Browse curriculum structures and work more efficiently
  • Use collections privately or share them within your own organization or even the whole community
  • Personalize collections with your own color scheme
  • Structure collections as you would expect from working with folders
... and much more

Moodle Plug-in

New Features:
  • Guest mode
  • Display of object metadata
  • Improvement of localization
  • Filters conversions
  • Usability of the editor improved
  • Usage data improved
  • Security
  • ... and much more

Downloads edu-sharing 3.1 RC1

Repository and rendering service

New Features:
  • new dialog for creating objects and folders
  • new user interface for rights
  • Templates for folders and permissions
  • automatic thumbnails for URLs

Moodle Plug-in

New features:
  • Metadata viewer for WYSIWYG objects
  • improved performance

Downloads edu-sharing 3.0

Repository and Rendering Service

New features:
  • Alfresco 5.0d as a base system
  • SOLR4 Search
  • Edit mode for objects in the search
  • Thumbnails for videos
  • Objects can be embedded in connected systems from the workspace
  • Release history and new GUI for rights assignment

Moodle Plug-in

New features:
  • improved LTI integration
  • improved performance