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Download edu-sharing 4.2

Repository 4.2 RC1

New features:

  • Serial Objects
  • Link-sharing for folders
  • usage metrics
  • Many improvements in the search view
  • User Quota
... and much more

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Moodle plug-in 4.2 RC1

  • Atto Editor support
  • Folders can be linked in Moodle
  • Serial objects can be used in Moodle
  • User roles are transferred to edu-sharing

Download edu-sharing 4.1.1

Repository 4.1

New features:

  • Editorial collections
  • View H5P Content
  • Introducing contexts (e.g. use school and high school in one instance)
  • Many improvements in collections
  • Define licenses more easy
... and much more

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Moodle plug-in 4.1

  • Compatible with older versions of edu-sharing
  • The filter was implemented as JS module (AMD)
  • Performance and security has been increased

Older versions

Download edu-sharing 4.0.13

Repository 4.0

New features:

  • New interfaces for the whole system
  • Improvements in the responsive UI
  • Workflows for editors
  • Connections to Pixabay & LearningApps
... and much more

Moodle plug-in

  • works with the new edu-sharing interfaces
  • Improved display of inline metadata
  • Improved stability & bug fixes

Downloads edu-sharing 3.2

"Collection Release"

Repository and rendering service

New Features:
  • New section: Collections
  • create your own collections and fill them with suitable material from workspace or search environment
  • Browse curriculum structures and work more efficiently
  • Use collections privately or share them within your own organization or even the whole community
  • Personalize collections with your own color scheme
  • Structure collections as you would expect from working with folders
... and much more

Moodle Plug-in

New Features:
  • Guest mode
  • Display of object metadata
  • Improvement of localization
  • Filters conversions
  • Usability of the editor improved
  • Usage data improved
  • Security
  • ... and much more

Downloads edu-sharing 3.1 RC1

Repository and rendering service

New Features:
  • new dialog for creating objects and folders
  • new user interface for rights
  • Templates for folders and permissions
  • automatic thumbnails for URLs

Moodle Plug-in

New features:
  • Metadata viewer for WYSIWYG objects
  • improved performance

Downloads edu-sharing 3.0

Repository and Rendering Service

New features:
  • Alfresco 5.0d as a base system
  • SOLR4 Search
  • Edit mode for objects in the search
  • Thumbnails for videos
  • Objects can be embedded in connected systems from the workspace
  • Release history and new GUI for rights assignment

Moodle Plug-in

New features:
  • improved LTI integration
  • improved performance

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