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Learn more about our vision and upcoming releases*.


Our vision

Connecting educational software systems and learning platforms to share educational content, metadata and tools. Find them in an educational cloud and use them in all connected systems.


edu-sharing 5.2 and following

planned for spring 2020

Roadmap strategy project is in progress

Every 2-3 years the community meets and defines a strategy for the roadmap.

This strategy project is currently in progress.

Probably in spring the further development topics will be published on this page.

edu-sharing 5.1

planned for May 2020

Currently planned features (5.1)

  • Improved editorial functions
    • New: Management of libraries that purchase licenses for assigned organisations.
    • Libraries can manage licenses for associated educational organisations
    • Associated educational organisations receive metadata for better manageability
    • Bulk editing of metadata
    • Bulk releases for content
    • better configurability of the portal start page
    • Landingpage for link releases - customizable provider design
  • Content management improvements
    • Simplified upload function for easier upload of content from connected LMS
    • Improved search for people and groups for shares
    • QR code for the object
    • Metadata is included with ZIP downloads in text format
  • Search improvements
    • Click on keywords starts corresponding search
    • advanced search fields provide feedback on the number of available objects
  • Improvements in Collections
    • Content can be uploaded directly to collections (originally this was only possible via Workspace)
    • external content from federated repositories can now be added to collections
  • various usability improvements in the workspace
  • Revisions of the mobile apps (iOS, Android 9.0)
  • Improvement of connected software systems
  • Automatic connection of Moodle instances via scripting, e.g. for large nationwide installations
  • vedu-sharing content can be inserted into OnlyOffice pages

edu-sharing 5.0


Included features (5.0)

  • Introduction of user profiles
  • New "Stream" has been prepared to give every user or course access to his own learning stream filled with interesting learning content displayed as a timeline.
  • Content can be commented
  • improved H5P Connector: Create, manage, share and collect H5P content and use it in connected systems (e.g. moodle).
  • Migration to afresco 5.2
  • ... and much more ...

edu-sharing 4.2

Autumn 2018

Included features (4.2)

  • Introduction of "learning units" or "series": A main content is able to contain multiple subobjects. (z.B. exercise and possible solution, spanish text with translation to english and german, little learning unit of a sertain topic.)
  • DOI / Handle-Connection: Development of "Digital Object Identifier (DOI)"
  • Users can create variants of open licensed content.
  • Add material from collections in learning management systems (e.g. moodle)
  • Improved Search
  • Support of user quotas
  • Improved link sharing
  • ... and much more ...

edu-sharing 4.1 has been published

End of 2018

Included features (4.1)

  • Numerous improvements in creating, editing and use of collections
  • New editorial collections:They only can be managed by editorial teams. They also can be pinned in search results - especially useful for curriculum collections.
  • Save interesting content on a bookmark list and download them as .zip a file.
  • New bulk license assignment. Licensing of oer content is much easier the before.
  • Contexts: Different entry points into an instance with its own metadata and URL (e.g., build one instance for schools and colleges - and separate them via contexts)
  • ... and many more features...

*All information on that page are showing the desired development of edu-sharing according to our current knowledge. Further adjustments are possible.

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