UploadAthon mit den WirLernenOnline-Fachredaktionen
25. June 2021
OER- & IT-Sommercamp 2021
27. July 2021
UploadAthon mit den WirLernenOnline-Fachredaktionen
25. June 2021
OER- & IT-Sommercamp 2021
27. July 2021

edu-sharing | 6.0 | Final Release | Release | Download

edu-sharing 6.0 released

The latest version of edu-sharing, 6.0 is now released. What's inside? Learn more about the update here.

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What's new?

New metadata interfaces

The flexible metadata editor of edu-sharing gets a new design and numerous improvements.

The new design makes use of modern web components and optimizes barrier-free accessibility. In addition, a more efficient handling was implemented.

A meter of how much metadata has already been filled in or is necessary for publication supports authors in providing metadata.

Individual metadata fields can now be automatically shown and hidden dynamically depending on selected metadata

Publication workflows

Documents can now be filed as copies when they are released to the public.

The copies of published objects are transferred to the editorial department and stored in an audit-proof manner.

In this way, valuable, free content is not accidentally lost.

Self-registration for groups

With the group self-enrollment we facilitate the administrators' work. Groups can now be opened for independent enrollment by users. There are 3 options for self-enrollment:

  • Enrollment without restriction
  • Enrollment with password
  • Enrollment with waiting list

Video rendering and scenes

As of version 6.0, the rendering service offers every video with sufficient quality in three different resolutions. This saves your users valuable bandwidth.

Since version 6.0, it is still possible to determine at which point the playback of videos used in collections should start and stop. Thus, it is possible to uncomplicatedly offer a selected part of a video that thematically fits the collection.

Elasticsearch search engine

With the help of the additional "Elastic Tracker" tool, Elasticsearch can now be used instead of Solr

  • Better performance compared to Solr
  • Complete permission information (e.g. write or delete permissions) are retrievable per user
  • Metadata value ranges are full-text searchable in different languages (e.g. full-text search for "worksheet" or "German")
  • Usage data is included in the index and can be used for search rankings

API, Management Tools & Import

The API now offers new functionalities and features, including:

  • Automated bulk update of media content (external import)
  • AuthByApp + Usage functionalities via REST API (plugins don't need SOAP anymore)
  • Extensive job tools for automated (CSV) mapping of value ranges, bulk modification of records and more
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