edu-sharing 4.0.4 released
7. May 2018
Ausprobiert im Hackathon: Einen moodle-Kurs direkt in edu-sharing erstellen
12. November 2018

edu-sharing | 4.1 | Community | Release | testen

Test new version?

We've finished development on first release candidate of edu-sharing 4.1 - it's ready to be tested by the community.

Thanks for your time. We're looking forward to your feedback.



What has changed?

Editorial collections

Introducing: Editorial collections are a place where users can find quality assured content created or edited by editorial teams. You can also add further metadata to those collections (i.e. tags) and pin them in search to make them visible.

Use H5P content

Thanks to our rendering service you can use H5P content since this version. Just create and download new content on →. Upload the .zip in edu-sharing and make it available everywhere.

Many improvements in collections

Create, sort or share educational content in collections. We worked on many different levels to facilitate working with collections. Here are just a few:

  • Create collections easily with pre-defined settings
  • Bring content in a collection in a certain order
  • Add new content to a collection easily
  • ... and more.

Assignment of OER licenses

We've facilitated the assignment of correct licenses with numerous improvements:

  • Assign a license to multible objects at once
  • Add information about the creator as plain text
  • Open licenses (i.e. for OER) can be assigned with just a few clicks. Other license types are available as well.
  • Recognize at a glance whether content is OER or not

New: Contexts for one instance

Use contexts to access edu-sharing through different perspectives with a certain URL. Build one instance for schools and higher eudcation and devide both parts using a context for each. In each context you can set an own banner image and metadata.

More improvements

  • Bookmark list
  • Improvements in search
  • Exact searches
  • Search with other terms if you don't get results
  • New filter for licenses in search
  • ... and more...
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