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We are happy to take our time, introduce you to edu-sharing as a solution and answer questions.

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    Webinars for edu-sharing


    A webinar offers the opportunity to communicate with each other anywhere and anytime. We offer free webinars on various topics. Thanks to a webinar, you can save on travel costs and time while still receiving all the information you want. No matter if comfortably from home or at work, you decide from which place you participate in one of our edu-sharing webinars. You can decide which webinar format suits your needs best. That is why we offer you a selection of different edu-sharing webinars. You have the opportunity to participate in larger groups or as an individual at the edu-sharing webinar. We are looking forward to your participation.


    Webinars tailored to your needs

    The edu-sharing webinars are flexibly tailored to your needs. Whether classical with instructors and audience or in an interactive webinar, here you can find out everything you need to know about edu-sharing.

    We offer edu-sharing webinars for

    • teachers
    • editors
    • authors
    • e-learning services staff

    For quick information about the edu-sharing software, we recommend our Screencast . Its provides interested parties with an overview of the edu-sharing software. The screencast can be played at any time and retrieved as often as you like.
    In a Product Presentation Webinar you can directly ask the edu-sharing team about installation processes, features and updates in a live conference. This type of webinar offers all interested parties a deeper insight into the edu-sharing open source software and its advantages for you.
    Of course we also offer a Helpdesk to our subscribing customers. Our support team will be happy to advise you on questions such as installation processes, plug-ins or tools.