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MediaWiki - plug-in from edu-sharing

With the edu-sharing plugin for the mediaWiki, objects from the edu-sharing repository can be used in mediaWiki pages. Both videos and graphics as well as documents and tools are integrated into the wiki and used.

  • Save content once and use it in LMS and Wiki pages
  • New versions of the material will be updated on request in the wiki
  • Since materials from edu-sharing are linked and not copied into the page, the wiki page remains beautifully slim and performant
  • Licenses and other file information are automatically displayed on the content in the page
Overview of all connected tools

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Integrate materials

You can upload content (eg pictures, videos, audio files and much more) in the edu-sharing workspace and save it there. On the mediaWiki page you will then have access to all of their materials via the edu-sharing plugin or you will use the search environment to reuse shared content from other users or from external sources (For example, Pixabay , German Digital Library and more) and integrate them into your site. You can choose whether exactly this version or always the latest should be included. So you only have to fix touchups once on the material in edu-sharing and not on every single page.

Proper license is already on board

The indication of the correct license for reused materials is often forgotten or neglected. This is done by the mediaWiki plugin of edu-sharing for you. Once the correct license has been specified in edu-sharing on the content with the license editor, it will be added automatically when inserting. Below the material you will see the title of the work, the author and the corresponding license.

Using tools

Pure MediaWikis does not support the integration of complex tools or advanced QTI assessments such as " ONYX ." The edu-sharing delivery Playback Service allows you to use this and a variety of other content and tools directly in the page. Complex objects such as Etherpads are used by edu- sharing own, defined user groups reserved instances created.