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ILIAS plug-in from edu-sharing

Thanks to the edu-sharing plug-in for ILIAS, materials from the edu-sharing repository can be integrated as links in the course process. Content is delivered by the playback service.

  • Store content in the repository and reuse it in courses
  • use and play different media types
  • correct licenses are automatically given
Overview of all connected tools

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Include content from edu-sharing

Via the edu-sharing connection you have the possibility to integrate your own and shared content from the workspace. In addition, interesting published foreign materials from connected sources (eg Pixabay, Youtube or German Digital Library) can be reused.

Use content in the ILIAS course

Materials are inserted as resource link in the course of the course and delivered and played back for each media type. Thus, the data size of their course remains low, also any rework on the material must be made only once centrally.

Delivery with correct license information

Once the correct license has been specified in the workspace, it will always be displayed directly and clearly on the material of linked links in the course program, without the user having to worry about it. The edu-sharing playback service counts the uses per content and can pass on the data to collecting societies upon request.