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edu-sharing links its editors and tools via connectors and plug-ins to a central content store. So your content can be reused everywhere.

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Moodle plug-in

Moodle (short for: Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a learning management system. The free software for learning platforms supports e-learning offers in various areas, such as educational institutions or companies. In Moodle, learning courses can be created, used, changed and improved by several teachers and learners at the same time. In addition to content such as videos, graphics, text, images, links or files, learning content including tests, discussions, chats, questionnaires, etc. can also be used. be filled.

edu-sharing offers a plug-in for Moodle. Using the edu-sharing icon, you can insert materials from the entire repository in your Moodle.

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In the multifunctional ONLYOFFICE package you can create tables or presentations in addition to the classic text editor function. The document release takes place via the edit mode. You also have the option of sharing the file in display mode. Through ONLYOFFICE, documents can be integrated into a website compatible with Microsoft Office and other OpenDocument formats.

edu-sharing offers a plug-in for ONLYOFFICE.

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ILIAS plug-in

The integrated learning, information and work cooperation system, ILIAS for short, is a recognized learning management system besides Moodle. The open source software supports the cooperation between teachers and students, which is now not only maintained in classroom sessions, but also plays an important role in the e-learning sector. ILIAS is used at universities, in academies and further education institutions as well as in companies.

edu-sharing offers a plug-in for ILIAS so that you can use the edu-sharing icon to get a comprehensive search function and access to other e-learning tools.

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ONYX Editor Connector

The test software Onyx offers assessments in the e-learning area. With ONYX assessments can be created, carried out and evaluated. On the one hand, it can be used as a separate tool in e-learning and integrated on a learning management system via plug-in.

edu-sharing offers you the test software as a plug-in for your LMS.

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MediaWiki plug-in

MediaWiki is an open source project that allows you to create your own wiki page with the associated MediaWiki management software. Numerous functions in addition to text and media creation allow extensive extensions and customizable pages. Each user can access, view and edit one or more MediaWiki pages via the browser.

With edu-sharing you can integrate MediaWiki as a plug-in into your LMS.

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