New telephones and number for edu-sharing
1. February 2018
edu-sharing 4.0.4 released
7. May 2018

We’ve released edu-sharing bugfix version 4.0.1. You can download it on GitHub (repository & rendering service) or find all important links on our homepage.


Changes (among others):

edu-sharing repository

  • New Sharing dialog layout
  • Fixed layout issues for dialogs
  • Adopt to new Pixabay API
  • Fix issues in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fix that Share Link requires Toolpermission “INVITE”
  • Mark if you can add elements to a specific collection
  • Improved Admin displaying features for nodes and metadata
  • Give Coordinator rights to invited workflow users
  • Fix workflow, only activate feature if required rights are present


Rendering service

  • Improvements in performance and stability
  • Bug fixes
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