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Portal and search engine for your digital educational offers

  • Portal for your OER and other educational media
  • Editing environment
  • Metadata inheritance & generation
  • open source and self hosted
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Portal of your open educational offers

Present and find your Open Educational Resources (OER), MOOCs and other educational media of your organization.

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Media distribution and publishers solution

Distribute specially licensed media to your target audience right through to your e-learning systems.

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To find something better

With edu-sharing, you provide your users with a clear portal with learning content and educational offers. Clear, editorial collections and a search engine make sure that finding is done. This leaves more time for the essentials: teaching.
The edu-sharing repository offers its users a one-field search as well as a configurable, advanced facet search function. Here are the fields of our easily customizable metadata catalogs as search criteria available. The search always remains performant - regardless of whether 10 or 10,000 catalog values ​​per criterion.
Using search options such as school type, subject, age group or subject, users will quickly find the perfect content for their course.

All sources in a search

The network offers a variety of valuable, free learning content. The search for it is cumbersome because the contents are often buried in their own databases and servers. edu-sharing helps you to make these treasures accessible to your users. Bundle external and internal sources of content and make them available in a convenient search. Benefit from interface technologies (Elixir, OAI-PMH ...) and metadata mapping capabilities, as well as our experience in integrating sources such as:

Quality? For sure!

edu-sharing offers its editors the perfect space for the cooperative management and quality assurance of their offer. Interfaces such as WebDAV and OAI-PMH facilitate the delivery of new content.
An important criterion for the findability of content is the provision of metadata. Unfortunately, entering this information is one of the least popular tasks in capturing content. That's why our open source e-learning repository offers features like configurable metadata inheritance.
Another challenge in providing free learning content is licensing. Again, edu-sharing supports its users. Our license editor allows uncomplicated use of the Creative Commons license system with automatically correct attribution in all connected systems.

Use everything everywhere

Thanks to the edu-sharing plug-in technology, the edu-sharing OER search can be called up in the material options of your learning environment and as a function of the text editor. Content such as videos, audio, and tools, such as Etherpad, are either linked to the course as a resource or embedded in the text.

Start faster and avoid pitfalls

The implementation of an OER offer is a complex task in which we would like to support you. Benefit from the experience of our partners so that their wishes become reality more quickly.
Our customer service includes strategy consulting, training, customization, hosting and support.

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More about OER and portal solutions

Portal of their open educational offers

Whether OER, MOOC's or lecture notes. Present your educational offers in a clear portal. They decide whether edu-sharing becomes a public showcase of their open education offerings or bundles content, software tools and support offers on one page as an internal e-learning service portal.

Home per target group

Design the right view for each target group with editorial edu-sharing collections. Determine how content from your instructors comes through quality-assured editing processes in public or internal home pages.

Promote OER

Your users create great learning content in the comfortable authoring environment or in connected e-learning systems? Promote the publication of free learning content (OER)! edu-sharing offers u.a. a licensing wizard for Creative Commons and QA editorial workflows.

Find and keep track

When you bundle the content sources of your organization with edu-sharing, the powerful search helps to find good things quickly. You can easily adjust search criteria (metadata), if necessary for each department.

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Access rights and licensing

Who can see and use which purchased content and sources? You configure this in edu-sharing via the access rights or the license administration. For this purpose groups and organizations (eg schools, circles), associated users and preconfigured rights can be automatically taken over from directory services.

Track usage

How often is content used? Where, for example, how - by download, by display in affiliated learning platforms? In the edu-sharing statistics and tracking service, you can adjust which user and usage data are collected and evaluated by you or your customers.

Into the e-learning systems of the users

Its contents reach into the e-learning systems of the end users. This is made possible by the edu-sharing plugins for learning platforms, such as Moodle, or authoring tools, such as ONLYOFFICE and MediaWiki. When content is embedded in course pages or documents, you can configure desired source and license ads.