Try edu sharing yourself!

The best way to get an idea about software is using it.
Test-drive edu-sharing and its integrations!

edu-sharing workspace

The so-called "workspace" is graphical interface of the repository. It allows your users to manage content and share it with other users. Try edu-sharing yourself to see how documents are managed in edu-sharing.

demo of the edu-sharing file manager

user name: teacher | password: tree

edu-sharing & moodle

Test the integration of the edu-sharing repository in the most popular open source learning management system in the world.

The edu-sharing-moodle-integration offers you the following features:

  • professional file management
  • integrated media playback with inline rendering in all WYSIWYG fields
  • faceted search

try edu-sharing & moodle
download the moodle plug-in

edu-sharing & MediaWiki

Test the integration of edu-sharing in the popular Wiki system.

featues of the integration :

  • user friendly media management
  • rendering service with automatically embedded players for audio and video
  • search engine for media objects and documents

Try the edu-sharing - MediaWiki integration!