What is edu-sharing?

edu-sharing is a self-hosted open-source framework for education. It facilitates the management and provision of documents, metadata and applications in learning and authoring systems such as Moodle, ILIAS and OPAL.

edu-sharing can be used in several ways:

  • as a cloud based file-manager or as an e-learning repository for learning management systems
  • as an (OER) search engine for media and learning content with functionalities for editorials
  • as a secure cloud solution for shared e-learning infrastructures

This versatility is made possible by the flexibility of the edu-sharing components.

The edu-sharing components:


The open source repository is the core of edu-sharing. This is the place where your content is stored and managed.
Here's how the cloud storage works:
The workspace is the view of the repository used to store, manage and share your content. Here you can find functionalities such as versioning and permissions management.
The edu-sharing search engine offers a simple and a faceted, advanced search-mode. It facilitates the discovery of content and applications in order to use them for example in a Moodle course. You can also operate the search independently, for example as a media distribution.
The collection view helps you to organize and group content for educational purposes.
Our interfaces and meta-data mapping functionalities allow the connection of external content sources to your search engine.
edu-sharing features solutions for authenticating users and for the management of roles and rights across the borders of systems and organizations.

Rendering Service

The rendering Service makes sure that your content always makes a good impression - on any kind of device.
It also ensures that everyone can only view the content which is intended for him.
Numerous transcoding modules ensure that all media content from AIFF to WebM can be used. In order to do so the rendering service automatically converts audio and video content if needed.
Each time content from the repository is accessed, the delivery service checks if the requesting user has sufficient rights.
With plug-ins for systems such as Moodle and MediaWiki all objects from the repository can be embedded easily into WYSIWYG fields of connected systems. For audio and video files, a player is displayed automatically.
edu-sharing supports key standards such as QTI 2.1, SCORM and LMS course formats like the ones used by Moodle. By means of our rendering service you can use these contents in all connected systems.


Our plug-in system makes it possible to use edu-sharing content across all connected systems such as Moodle, MediaWiki or to use ILIAS. Of course, you can put your own content in the repository while using the connected systems.
Our plugin for Moodle allows the use of edu-sharing content as a resource linked to a section and in all WYSIWYG fields. Documents and media are no longer stored in the Moodle course, but in a freely selectable folder of the repository.
Our plug-in for MediaWiki allows the use of edu-sharing content across all wiki pages - without a diploma in Wiki syntax.
The edu-sharing plugin for ILIAS allows the use of content from the repository as a resource in the LMS.

Editors & applications

Interfaces for editors like ONYX and ONLYOFFICE allow editing objects directly in the repository - without the hassle of downloading them.
Using the editor of the ONYX suite by our partners of the bps GmbH you can easily create QTI 2.1 compliant tests and exercises. Thanks to the edu-sharing integration, the learning content is managed in the repository.
Using the ONLYOFICE integration you may create texts, spreadsheets and presentations in your browser.
The content of your repository can be made available on freely configurable views which can be integrated into your website. Here your users can find learning content, courses of learning environments, tools like Etherpad and ONYX and didactical templates according to their access rights.
The edu-sharing LTI-integration makes it possible to use tools like Etherpad or the vanilla forum in all connected systems.

edu-sharing APP

Use the edu-sharing workspace and the search engine on the go and share your findings with other users.
coming to your portable device soon (edu-sharing 3.2).