edu-sharing OER

Your tool for OER search engines and media distributions

  • open source & self hosted
  • search engine with full text indexing
  • environment for editorials
  • metadata inheritance & generation

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Find good things more quickly

Provide your users with an edu-sharing OER search engine in order to turn searching into finding. This gives your users more time for teaching.
The edu-sharing OER repository offers its users a simple search mode and a configurable, advanced faceted search. Here you can use the fields of our easily customizable metadata catalogs as search criteria. Our search performs well – no matter if you are using 10 or 10,000 catalog values per criterion. With the help of search options such as school type, age group or subject your users quickly find the perfect content for their course.

All sources in one single search

The internet offers a variety of valuable, free educational content. The search for them is, however, difficult, as the contents are often buried in their own databases and search engines. edu-sharing helps your users to make these treasures accessible. Bundle external and internal sources of content and put them in a user friendly search. Benefit from our interface technologies (Elixir, OAI-PMH ...) and metadata mapping capabilities and our experience in the integration of sources such as:

Quality? Be assured!

edu-sharing offers your editorial the perfect space for cooperative content-management and quality assurance. Interfaces such as WebDAV and OAI-PMH facilitate the provision of new content.
An important criterion for the findability of content is good meta-data. Unfortunately providing this information is also one of the most unpopular tasks in the creation of content. For this reason our open source e-learning repository offers features such as configurable metadata inheritance.
Another challenge in providing free educational content is licensing. edu-sharing has you covered here too. Our license editor offers you the Creative Commons licensing system with correct attribution added automatically in all connected systems.

Use everything everywhere

Thanks to the edu-sharing plug-in technology, the edu-sharing OER search can be integrated in the material options for your learning environment and as a function of the text editor. Content, such as videos, and tools like Etherpad can either be linked as a resource in the course or embedded in text-fields.

Get started more quickly.

The implementation of an OER offer is a complex task in which we would like to support you. Benefit from the experience of our partners in order to let your dreams become a reality.
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