Your E-Learning cloud storage

manage content centrally and use it everywhere

  • professional file management
  • search engine with full text indexing
  • WYSIWYG integration for media and tools
  • open source & self hosted

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File management as easy as 1-2-3

edu-sharing is a cloud storage for learning content, which is being developed in partnership with teachers. Unlike commercial services like Dropbox or Google Drive you can install edu-sharing on a server of your choice. So your data is always under your control.
Embed your content with the help of our plug-ins for Moodle, OPAL, ILIAS or MediaWiki in your preferred platform. Thanks to the central storage, changes are immediately reflected throughout your materials. Your edu-sharing file manager and your group folders can be integrated like a network drive in your Mac Finder or Windows File Manager. This way you can open your content directly from edu-sharing in order to edit it with your favorite authoring tool.

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Find the right content quickly

Bundle your internal and external content sources and file storage and access them with a user friendly search engine. Thanks to our automatic full-text indexing, you can search within the content of the objects stored in edu-sharing.
edu-sharing offers its users simple search and a configurable, advanced faceted search. With the help of search options such as school-type, age group or subject your users quickly find the perfect content for their course.

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Multimedia all the way

Does your LMS support complex content formats such as QTI assessments or modern tools like Etherpad? The edu-sharing delivery and renderning service allows the use of these and a variety of other content and tools - even on mobile devices. For complex objects such as Etherpads or Moodle courses edu-sharing creates instances of the tools for defined user groups. edu-sharing checks access rights and can be used to collect statistics for transactions relating to publishers or collecting societies.

Integrated seamlessly

After the installation of the edu-sharing plug-in, our search engine is available in the material options and the text editor of your learning environment. Media and tools such as Etherpad can either be linked as a resource or embedded in WYSIWYG fields. For free content that is available under a Creative Commons license, edu-sharing automatically displays the author and license information correctly. edu-sharing plug-ins are available for many systems such as Moodle, OLAT, Ilias and MediaWiki. Your system is not listed? No problem, edu-sharing is open-source and can therefore be adapted to your needs easily.

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