The edu sharing partner-network

Professional support for open source technologies is your partner for concepts, consulting and future prove software development. In order to offer our customers a single access point for professional services, analyzes your needs and desires, distributes the resulting work packages to its certified development partners and coordinates the corresponding projects for you.

Our partners are professional IT services providers from different sectors and offer, among other things, the following services:

  • Initial consultation and concepts for edu-sharing technology and infrastructure solutions
  • official customizations and extensions for edu-sharing software systems
  • edu-sharing hosting and IT services such as installation, configuration, updates and remote maintenance
  • training and support

Meet our service partners:

Your benefits as a partner:

  • partner-training
  • knowledge transfer
  • strong market growth

Become a Partner now!

schools, universities, authorities business, associations
edu-sharing, moodle-Plugin, Liferay-integration, Learning and Knowledge Management, IT Infrastructure Integration & Portals services for all Systems mentioned above
schools, local Government
moodle learning management, school administration systems / portals
schools, local Government
learning management, school administration systems / portals edu-sharing hosting
OLAT / OPAL, ONYX, MAGMA learning management, content creation, E-Assessment, Audio-/Video-Streaming
universities, authorities business
ILIAS, ILIAS-Plugin learning Management all services for ILIAS, edu-sharing hosting for ILIAS
business companies
Alfresco Enterprise, Liferay content management, portals services for Alfresco, Liferay, edu-sharing for Alfresco Enterprise users
non-comercial educational projects