edu-sharing 3.1 RC1 released
6. September 2016

edu-sharing “collections release” (3.2) published

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Find, collect and share materials!

The latest edu-sharing update introduces numerous new features. Besides the well-known file management and the search engine, it offers a new tool: "The Collections".
The edu-sharing collections help you organize content more easily and structure it for educational purposes. For this purpose, you can arrange the objects stored in edu-sharing in a hierarchical collection structure. With these structures, for example, complete curriculum structures can be mapped.
Unlike when working with folders, objects can be assigned to any number of collections. For example, a worksheet on radioactive decay can be assigned to the collection "Physics Class 9" and at the same time to the collection "Biology Class 10". Collections can be used privately and shared within an organization or even the entire community.

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